Alex Wild

CPA & Crypto Tax Specialist

Personal Motto: There’s no such thing as harder, there is only hard.

Alex is a CPA with a bachelor’s in accounting and a masters of tax law. Besides preparing and reviewing tax returns, Alex specializes in tax controversy issues (notices and audits) and crypto taxation. Alex enjoys living on beautiful Lake Wawasee with her family and their four dogs. Alex is an avid reader and gardener.

Cassandra Miller

Tax Professional & Operations Coordinator

Personal Motto: Carpe Diem.

Cassandra is an experienced operations manager and tax professional with a passion for organization and client care. Cassandra is studying to become an Enrolled Agent (EA). She believes that the culture of a company is the heart of a company. She enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, nurturing her relationship with her children, spending time with her self-chosen family and the family the universe assigned to her. She is passionate about human rights and mental health awareness.

Stephani Cline

Bookkeeping Manager

Personal Motto: Silence is a reassurance in the opposite.

Stephani has a bachelor’s in business management and is a bookkeeping professional. She is a creative that loves bringing fresh ideas to her clients with a passion for problem solving and accounting principles. She tackles client issues with a calm presence and persistence to find solutions for their needs while using her education and training to deliver excellent service.